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Hey Brian,

I have one question. Is it incriminating to write against employers who do not comply proper compensation.

In my case, my ex-company owes me few months of salary. I have added to my Facebook friends who are from the same company. From the new employees even up to the owners themselves. It's just a matter of moments before I create a Facebook group advocacy page and inviting them all to read my blast. I am calling them out with the company's unruly practices. I even felt to go beyond such as writing to their German partners (who recently joined on board and hopefully cut ties), since they have serious moral issues towards their workforce.

I need your wise input. Thanks.
Replied on: 11:40pm 02-17-2009
You must be careful when you levy accusation against an employer... especially if you are still employed.
If not employed (in your case J), then you have every right (truth always) to tell your story. And gather support as well. Keep is legal and do not slander per se outside of your own experience with employer. If they owe you money.... FIGHT FOR IT!!!!! It's SOOOOOOOOO typical in Philippines. Employers are fucking bastards for the most part. Always ripping off their people. I have hundreds of examples. Some are shocking. You know J, I will always advise you to FIGHT!
karlo alexie puerto
I'm sorry that I forgot to tell you. I used my other e-mail address in sending it to you. By the way, have you received the message? :
Replied on: 12:31am 02-14-2009
Send again please!!!!! Attention Brian
my 1st visit here and i quite enjoy every minute...
Replied on: 8:15pm 02-07-2009
oooohhhhhhhh, I'm sooooo happy.
Come back and visit when ever you like.
karlo alexie puerto
Sure, no problem. It will be in your inbox in a jiffy!
Replied on: 12:07am 02-07-2009
karlo alexie puerto
Very fine Bry. Just so busy with my studies and also my online affiliations, especially to my blogs.
Replied on: 11:34am 02-05-2009

Send me your blog links please.
E mail them

Joshua Yu
hi brian i'm super kilig with that Wowowee episode... Hay... wish I could do the same... Have a nice day Bri... Enjoy your day!
Replied on: 10:00am 02-03-2009
Love you Joshua.
how do you do?
Replied on: 5:56pm 02-02-2009
I suppose it's a question.
I'm great.
How are you?
karlo alexie puerto
Brian Gorell:

Good day from the Land of Promise! I would like to make an article for your continuing fight for justice as many Filipinos can relate your sacrifices and pains to theirs. Would you mind answering these few questions (and after time of editing, we will send the final draft before posting at The Examiner Philippines.)?

1. Are you currently still doing things for Montano to be in jail? If not in jail, where would you like him to go?

2. Do you still expect that the full amount of money will be returned?

3. There are already many who have followed your blog, and statistics show them all. What do those followers of yours help you?

4. If ever you are given another chance to be interviewed by Philippine media, are you ready to "blast a bomb" against him and the Gucci Gang? or would you still do it in your blog?

5. The last but not the least, what do you want to say to him? the Gucci Gang? and your readers?

Thank you in advance and we'll keep track on you. Don't worry, we are not hackers. We're just news writers. See you then!
divine anorico
hi. Sir! Good day.. I just wanna ask if you know some Filipino male prostitutes as well as Filipino male celebrities whose being a prostitutes before.

I'll wait for your response. Sir.
I hope you will help me.. for our research..
By the way... Male Prostitution is part of our research..

Thanks and God Bless.
hey brian. i don't think celine is in rehab. she was at Members Only last night, along with Marcel and company.
someone for Iggy
just incase you didnt get to read, let me repost the mom's letter:


I am so embarrassed to do this yet, I am humbling myself to ask…please read on…

January 6, 2009 was the worst day of my family’s life…our eldest son, IAN GABRIEL PICART VILLANUEVA, was initially diagnosed to have ACUTE MYELOGENEOUS LEUKEMIA. It is already the 20th of January, and after a 2nd and even a 3rd opinion from different doctors, the diagnosis, sadly is still the same: ACUTE MYELOGENEOUS LEUKEMIA. To aggravate things even, he even has pneumonia. Thus, chemotherapy cannot start just yet. Untreated, he just has 4 months to live…

Treatment plan for Iggy includes at least 3 rounds of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant! To date, we have already moved from 3 hospitals. Currently we are at National Kidney & Transplant Institute to save on cost.

Though we may belong to a middle income family, the medical expenses that have and are to be incurred is so staggering! The amount needed is about 5 Million …thinking of how many zeroes the figure has makes me want to give up...But I know I wont and I cant! I will do anything or everything to save my son to the best that I could. Sad but true, I have nothing…Whatever is left of our meager savings has all been used up. Time is essential. The bone marrow transplant will be performed 2-3 weeks from now, and I need funds to deposit before any treatment can be done.

I am literally alone…It’s just Iggy & myself in the hospital. Friends & relatives come to visit but I cannot compel them to do more. I am a one woman army. Thank God that I have the laptop and my mind as a weapon…

Iggy, is a well rounded individual who I can say is an achiever. From grade school to college he is very athletic: red belter in taekwondo, track & field and basketball. An honor student from pre-school to college, a leader in his own ways.

As a mother, it breaks my heart that such potential should go into waste…He is so young…IT IS MY MOST FERVENT PRAYER THAT YOU BECOME PART OF THE CYCLE OF HEALING…IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE. I HOPE I AM NOT ASKING TOO MUCH. HUMBLY I AM ASKING ANY HELP THAT YOU CAN EXTEND MY FAMILY. WHATEVER MEANS WOULD BE MOST WELCOME. I may not be able to repay your kindness and generosity in this lifetime…but I am confident that God knows…

I am realistic enough to understand how difficult life is today. I am not asking for total dole-out. If at all, any of you are willing to loan me…I would forever be grateful. I promise to pay, although little by little, with interest even. Please…This is already a desperate cry for help… I just cant imagine what is to be…


Thank you very much for taking time out to read this letter. I know in my heart that you will be able to help me and my family one way or the other. May the Good Lord always bless you and your loved ones.



Someone for Iggy
dear brian,

what if i told you that there's this filipino kid full of promise and talent?
what if i told you that he's sick?
really sick that if left untreated he could die in 4 months?
would you take time from the bruhaha of your blog to post a letter from his mom asking for help in whatever way shape and form?

please see this link: http://zyonethelyone.multiply.com/photos/album/51/PARA_KAY_IGGY

and many more if you search for IGGY VILLANUEVA on the net.

now i know that you dont know this kid...

but then again... neither do i.

i have already given a bit myself and will continue to do more... trying to reach you is another area where im trying to help, awareness.

enough hate, politics, preaching about right and wrong... and just help, it would do wonders.

let me end by saying thank you, you may post this or not, but thank you for taking the time to read.
say bry where have all gucci gals gone? super blog more traffic and best wishes.
Replied on: 1:14am 01-28-2009
Well Tina Tinio is at a fat farm eating small children.
Celine is in re hab (I hope) trying to resolve her breath issue.
Wendy is working the pole at some strip club for pesos while trying to convince everyone her BF is a faggot.
Xeng, well she is still trying to do makeup. But she is no longer a drug dealer I'm told.
Jackie, well she is still married to a gay covering up DJ's scam.

I hate the bitches that's for sure.
nina talens
hi brian im a filipino,
but i believe on ur side,im not rich nor
famous but if u need some one
well if u decided to go here at the phil.
my home is very much open heheh
Replied on: 11:25am 01-27-2009
Love you Nina.
I'll drop by.
have some San Mig Light ready for me and a bg pot of adobo(chicken please with no MSG, hahahaha)
kat barcia
Hi Brian..I'm Kat from the Phils. I've read your blog. It struck me a lot it made me empathize with you. I hope that guy will be senteced to...bad karma..!
Replied on: 11:11am 01-26-2009
Thanks Kat.
Yes, karma will get him for sure.
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