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omg! brian! i heard on fox news that B] Christians aren't going to vote for Adam Lambert just because he is gay! omg that is so so so so wrong. i love that guy ....
Replied on: 5:48pm 05-22-2009
He is MY American Idol!
what's your religion? just wondering.
Replied on: 8:41pm 05-14-2009
I have no official religion.
hi bryan, any follow-up write re amina aranaz?
what about the gucci gang and your explosive news?

Replied on: 10:18pm 05-11-2009
I love you Cels. Amina Aranaz = BULLY.
You gossip lover.... like me
Do you have Yahoo Messenger Brian?
Replied on: 10:17pm 05-11-2009
joy arias-rohof
hello brian...just heard about this case a few minutes ago from my fb friend in the philippines. i feel soooo bad about this. this person has put us, filipinos, into the mire of shame! a lot has changed since i left home, i can see that now. it´s a crying shame that this "beast" have preyed on you (you may not be the only one).
i don´t know if there is still anything anyone can do about this situation.
i sure am glad to know that you´re not giving up. let this dj know you´re hunting him down. i wonder if he can sleep with his eyes closed or if he can walk without looking over his shoulder. this really enrages me.
first, we filipinas abroad had to put up with the "prostitute" image...i lived thru that.
now, it´s this!! when will the pummeling end? i guess i´ll exit this lifetime only to see my countrymen falling deeper and deeper into the pits.
i sincerely apologize for the conduct of this being...
i wish you all the luck in your further endeavors....and yes...the philippines used to be "home" to me.
Replied on: 10:17pm 05-11-2009
Much love Joy! MWAH!!!
Hi Brian - Have you been working out lately .. Nice bod mate :-) jb
Replied on: 7:05pm 05-06-2009
I work out monday to friday, today I did back and biceps. hahaha. I love the gym. MWAH!
Can you be mine?
Replied on: 7:04pm 05-06-2009
Hehe, sweet.

What's your position on abortion? Are you pro-life or pro-choice? If you are either one of those, tell me why.
Replied on: 7:04pm 05-06-2009
I have always been VERY pro choice because woman should have complete control over their bodies and the decisions regarding their own health and welfare.

And for me, this trumps the church or any other organization and their position on the matter.
I understand and respect the other side of the argument but i disagree strongly with their reasons and belief system.

I love children. But the world is way too over populated. I believe a human life begins when the first real breath is taken. If a human life starts at conception, they why is our birthday from the day we make our first appearance?

I am and will always be pro choice.
I don't know if you have received a question like this before but I need an honest answer. Do you think that a gay guy will fall in love with a straight girl? I mean really fall in love to the point that he will marry her and not have sex with other men ever again. I think I am inlove with my gay bestfriend. He is not effem and could pass off as a straight guy. He had a girlfriend before. And unlike my other gay friends (I really have a lot of them...), he doesn't date much. He doesn't even have a G4M account. I know I'm not making sense and I'm blabbing. I just need your opinion. Thanks so much!!
Replied on: 10:51am 05-02-2009
Dear fag Hag,

If you are gay you are gay.
If you are gay, you like cock, so unless you are able to sprout one from your loins, you are barking up the wrong tree.
Will and Grace is the best show ever created for television.
We all have a Grace or teo in our lives.
We love our hags and our hags love us.

But it must stop at love you see dear.
Because a gay is a gay is a gay is a gay.

team brian

thought you might wanna see this.
team brian

thought you should know this about korina...i hope she never becomes the first lady.
Replied on: 10:04pm 04-26-2009
It's CRAZY!!!!
jonathan orbuda
i am jonathan orbuda and i cant figure out that you suffered from hiv, cos you look healthy and more goodlooking, i admired you so much

Replied on: 12:56am 04-16-2009
I always want and hope to convey the message that HIV is the start of your new life.. and not the end of it. Quite the opposite in fact Jonathan. I feel healthy because I work at it. I'm 39 so I'm thinking about the next ten years and well beyond.
Every day on earth is a blessing.
If you are HIV positive OR negative.
It's very difficult at times to be happy all the time.
Most of the time is ok.

Thanks you J for your very sweet comment.
GREAT video.
it's not my real name bryan....i just want to say that your blog is really working here in the philipine society...hope everything is well with you and god may give you more health,wealth,peace and all the blessings in the world and always pray so that the lord will give you guidance in everything you do...god bless
Replied on: 12:50am 04-16-2009
I'm touched.

God bless you too!
hi Brian I'm from Toronto canada just wondering you said your from canada or i mean born here may i ask what part of canada? by the way you look good
Replied on: 10:54am 04-09-2009
I was born in Thunder Bay in 1970.
I moved to Australia in teens.
Only came back to Canada in July.

Haha, thanks for the comp.
I have a facebook account.
Add me.
hey sweetie, long time..
as promised, i am back in the safety zone of manila..
just noticed..
why the sudden change of feelings for moe twister? you used to love and defend him, but now with the vicky belo thing going, there seems to be a sudden change opf heart..
i have been out of the loop for a whiule ,,
Replied on: 8:14pm 03-16-2009
I love MoTwister and always will. But I hate plastic surgery and the Philippines obsession with it (including bleach creams) and these fools like Belo and the rest perpetuate it. Many have no money and these idiots are competing to see who cuts people up the best!
Mo is a friend of mine and always will be.
When I come to Manila, I'll be on his show.
I still defend Mo is other ways.
But with this issues and the actual video of the interview, I WAS CONFUSED.

I'm a blogger.
I'm also very loyal.
To those people who also possess the quality.
I'm also a pop culture writer therefor I must remain objective.

I really try.
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Number of pages: 12
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