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saw your pictures earlier.you look damn hot!keep up the good work,baby.
Replied on: 8:09pm 03-16-2009
Thanks Antonette. VERY pretty name.

i really need your help/advice. i'm a gay boy and i usually get teased at school by kids that are not gay. i usually ignore it but not its becoming a big problem for me. My friends stick up for me and back me up but it usually does not make them stop. can you give me your advice? please help, it is becoming a serious issue for me as a gay kid.

Replied on: 9:46pm 03-15-2009
I hate bullies because I was tortured in school and that is the main reason I abandoned it. Kids/people are cruel. I do not understand why they are picking on you! I mean, how old are you? And do they ever get violent? Because names are just names. Rise above it my friend. You have no choice. I understand that this is a huge issue and I wish I could help you directly. Stick with your mates and let them know that you are concerned. Stay with your friends. Become a success and enact revenge later...... You can ALWAYS can write me if you need a mate.
Thank you very much Brian for your bright ideas, you know i was really hooked in reading your blog (i miss the old format, the one that we can add comments, and i read all those comments) and i was inspired by your strength and faith in ourselves was the lesson i get from you.
Thank you again Sir and i promise ill be true to my self, ill ignore my feminine feeling, (i dont describe it as gay).
Bug hug!
Replied on: 9:42pm 03-15-2009
Big Hug back!!
thanks for ur reply....
why did i say peculiar? hmm hehehe
2 b honest with you, i am a person that is hmmm i may say 60% masculine and 40% feminine. why did i say so? because my heart, i can feel it, there is that feminine feeling (or morely likely, or literally gay) that i like or is easily or more likely attracted with the same sex. But in my mind, its opposite. Yes want to be a real guy, i mean a masculine one, not a gay. i have been battling this feeling for a long long years. well, its not yet in a horrible situation because Im okay, its just that i dont want to be gay but my gestures or the way i talk reveal some, and part of my heart is really gay, i know it, i can feel it. What do you think is best thing to do?
thanks, ill be waiting for your opinion.
Replied on: 10:58am 03-13-2009
Of course I insist that yu be yourself and be proud of who you are. As long as you are honest with others, you will be fine. Must not get swept up with %'s.
You are either gay or you are not gay. You could be bi sexual. Who knows? But the important thing is to be true and do what you want and feel!!! You are young and you should relax a bit about this.

Masculine, fem?? Who bloody cares??
Not me.

Now go and masturbate!!!!!! hahahahaha.

Love you!
Hi..i dont want to be rude or unprofessional but...

is masturbation really bad? like doing it 3 times a day or more? what should i do, i can't control myself...
ive been into this habit hmm 10 yrs ago, i am now 26..
Replied on: 9:06am 03-12-2009
OMG peculiar person... you are so NOT peculiar!

NO. Masturbation is not bad. Masturbation is GREAT!
Hahahaha, THREE times a day??
That's NOTHING. Hahahaha.
Please. I can masturbate SIX times a day. Hahahaha.
Seriously, unless you are doing it like twenty times a day, then I would not worry.
WHY are you trying to control yourself? Masturbation is normal and many people do it four times a day. Trust me.
You should try not to do it for 48 hours. Start there! But anything longer than that for me, would be impossible!!!! I love masturbating! hahahaha. And so should you!

Why are you exposing him now? Didn't CT help you out in the beginning?
Replied on: 10:24am 03-11-2009
BB is exposing himself. Too much happens behind the scenes. I can't explain it all here. I HELPED CHIKATIME!
My story was going to come out anyways. Chikatime was just first. I owe Chikatime nothing. We scratched each others backs. It's how it work!
how did you know chikatime was bryan boy?
Replied on: 12:07am 03-11-2009
Because BryanBoy is Chikatime.
Part three will cover all.
here is the culprit
dear mister gorell here's the link please withhold of the sources the names and this email address thankyou! you are such a hero we love you!
Dear Mr. Bryan Gorrell

Hello, Good day!

The Holy Season of Lent has come upon us. for us Filipinos, Mostly Catholics, this time is a special time to observe for this is the time of preparation for holy week – the celebration of the passion and death of our beloved lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
Lent in the Philippines showcases a colorful and meaningful celebration celebrating the different Filipino religiosity and practices.
The HERMANDAD DE LA SAGRADA PASION DE JESUS (Brotherhood of the Sacred Passion of Jesus) recently showcased an exhibition of popular Filipino Religiosity Practices and fervor during this holy season also included in the exhibit are different images showcasing the life, death and resurrection of jesus Christ and people related to him like the disciples, the holy women and his most holy mother our blessed virgin mary. These images came from different places in the country from far provinces and various baranggays in manila, makati, rizal etc. this project was put up in intramuros wow Philippines clamshell tent. People involved are of different status from the rich elite to the simple middle class people from the provinces. God has brought them together for such a wonderful cause
APPARENTLY THREE (3) TEENAGE SANTO (holy images) ENTHUSIASTS went to the said exhibit two of which came from the prominent de la sale university and one from the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde their names JOHN FELIX SANTOS CONCEPCION, JOSE ANTONIO JOLO TAMAYO and GELO EGUIA. They came to the exhibit when there weren’t too many people viewing. There they ridiculed the images, the people who owned them from which majority were just from middle class families. They laughed at how the images were dressed and referred our lady of the rosary as an image wearing a carpet. John Felix Santos exclaimed “ the carpet in our house even looks better than our lady of la naval’s dress!”
Not yet contented of the sacrilegious acts that they made, they left a nasty comment in the exhibits log book which said: ANG CHE CHEAP NINYO (you are so cheap) referring to the people behind the event, the organizers and the humble owners of the sacred images.there were witnesses to this crime of the so called “elite” college kids from la sale. With their names ofcourse, withheld for their protection. This is very unbecoming especially from elite students from elite schools and above all santo enthusiasts.
how did you know that you are infected by hiv virus?
Coz i'm worried right now that i that virus......
Replied on: 7:56am 03-09-2009
How do you know?
Hmm, have you been ill?
If you think you may have HIV, then you should go to the doctor and find out. There is no point in wondering if you have it. It's your responsibility to find out for sure. The sooner the better.
Jan Kevin B. Dema-al
Hi Brian,
I am really sorry for what i heard that you are being maltrated by those tough-facer people. I am willing to help you but im here in South Cotabato Province in Mindanao. That's a good example for what you have shown, it's not the fact that you're just a tourist then they can do anything they want. NO, it's agains't Human dignity. It's truly an Abuse Case and Estafa. Hope they will be guilty and imprisoned for what they did. So shameful that Filipino people are known being Hospitable to anyone but for this fact, they have showed disrespect and unloyalty.

Best Luck for you, Brian!! More Power to the blogsite!

I'm also your friend rom Facebook.com
Hi Brian!

I was wondering, have you ever heard of the YouTube celebrity, Michael Buckley? Anyways, watch his videos and you should totally contact him and tell him your story! Because he is so popular, his videos gets over 100,000 and if he tells your story (Gucci Gang, Montano and etc.) on one of his YouTube videos you'll become popular.I'm just suggesting and speculating, and I hope this helps you!

Replied on: 4:09pm 02-25-2009
wow thanks Nick. Will try.

karlo alexie puerto
Thanks for spending some time answering those questions. God bless and more power!
Replied on: 5:20pm 02-20-2009
No problem Karlos.
Big hug.
Rona C. Rivera
hi! Brian,

You Know i always read your blog i appreciate it very much.i hope u send it more.
Replied on: 11:41pm 02-17-2009
Thanks you Rona.

All my love and thanks.

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Messages: 46 until 60 of 177.
Number of pages: 12
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