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I wonder... what happened to DJ & your quest to solve the case? It's been ages! =) And I can't stand Celine Lopez in the papers.
Replied on: 1:51pm 12-02-2011
Hi reebtoor,

I myself am wondering too :-) I know that the wheels of justice grind slowly, but I never expected it to be so excruciatingly slow LOL! Anyways, I'm in a good place now compared to when I started the blog. And that is more important to me.

As for Celine, I leave it all up to you guys. If it matters to you that much, then you got to speak up and let your voice be heard. And I'm sure you're not the only one who gets annoyed by her 'omnipresence' Hahaha!

Thanks for dropping by. Hugs.
Hi Brian !

Did I hear correctly? "D.J. Montano is in JAIL?" THERE IS A GOD ! I haven't heard the details but ... I knew he would 'get it in the END' ...now how 'bout the 70,000 + interest that he owes you ? Best Wishes Brian!
Replied on: 1:35pm 12-02-2011
Ken dear,

Yes the Deej was in jail but only briefly. He fled San Francisco because his ex reported him to the police for theft. Poor chap, another unsuspecting victim. Anyways, DJ went to Arizona, which is actually a bad place to be for people staying in the US illegally, if you know what I mean. He got caught by immigration, jailed and then deported back to the Philippines. Last I heard of him, he's back teaching... and probably on the lookout for his next victim.

I've not been paid yet and how long has it been since I started the blog? 3 years now, going to 4? I suppose there is a God, but in my case, I don't see much of him around. Don't matter. I know I will be fine.

Hey thanks for writing buddy. Best wishes too!
I used to read your blog everyday. I just want to say congatulations and i will again continue to read your blog now that DJ is in jail. Good luck and more power. BTW, i just wanna say to DJ "Good night, Keep your butthole tight!"
Replied on: 2:15pm 12-02-2011
Well, he didn't stay very long in jail, Kiko. But I do hope you'll still find time to read the blog, even if DJ out, roaming around Manila. Hugs.
Bry, I used to read your blog on a weekly basis, but somehow I got busy with my studies I seldom go online. An hour ago I came across to this article in PEP.COM, I remember the Gucci Gang and the drugs/booze, here's the link:


Anyways I read your article: Pickles,the wonder dog. I still love your honesty. Take Care and God Bless.
Replied on: 2:09pm 12-02-2011
That's so sweet Camille. And I'm glad that you have your priorities in order (meaning, your studies). Honestly, I don't think about GG anymore. For me, they are just a blur now. Just a footnote from my past. I'm living a new chapter, full of love and support from real friends and family... and Pickles. She's here with me and I'm just so thrilled to have her back, cute and adorable as ever!

Thanks for taking time to write dear. Sorry if it took so long for me to reply but I've been busy too. Wish you all the best with your studies. Hugs.
hi brian. i am albert. i admire u a lot for being so brave and strong to face ur health problem. im also happy to hear and read ur stories about the philippines. im also a gay person and i would like to be more knowledgeable about hiv...thanks brian.
why do you say that reyna elena is a disgraced blogger?i am lazy to search for blogs about him. thanks
Replied on: 7:57pm 03-02-2010
Too lazy?
To click a few keys?
I'm too busy too.
Mike Galvez
Hi bry. Still enjoying the blog, keep up the great work! Dont you ever stop

I wanted to ask you, are australian women as open minded and mature as you regarding asians as romantic partners? I hear a lot of negative things and i dont know which is real anymore.

Replied on: 12:15am 02-12-2010
Australian woman are great. Strong willed.
Don't believe what you hear.
If you want something, look for her find her and woo her.

Follow your heart and your instinct.

do you support freedom of speech in america and in the internet??
Replied on: 10:14pm 11-10-2009
Dave G
Thank you Brian for everything you do for our sad poor country. Your good deeds will not go unnoticed among the crime and corruption here. You really are amazing guy and so good looking and millions love your courage. Tim Yap can learn so much from you! We all can and thank you
hi bry, i first sawur name in a freinds facebook account. got interests on following ur works though didnt find that precious time coz of work. till i bumped into this manila scandal thing, im so proud of you and your courage to stand up for what u feel is right for you- though little ( i guess!) did im sure you know that youve impowered a lot. kudos! btw, im a landscape designer myself. tnx and be well.... to you and your family!
Replied on: 12:17am 10-12-2009
Thanks Rain. Thank you so much. Did you join my facebook????
Hi Brian,

I want to thank you for having this advocacy. You make a good example of a person living with HIV. I am also a Poz guy from Manila. HAving someone to look up to makes a big difference when you're HIV positive.

Thank you very much. I have been following your blog for a while now and you have shared good stuff.

Keep it coming. More power to you.

Always stay healthy and loving.

Replied on: 6:42pm 10-07-2009
I love Humphrey!
Hi Brian,
Whoops! I didnt tell you where I'm at. I'm from Manila. Hope you can help me network with the GLBT organization, I would love to join those organizations... Thanks Brian!
Replied on: 6:46pm 10-07-2009
Jake, I admire you and I'm thrilled you want to do something. Apart from being a great human being (which I have a feeling you are) you can do so many things. Do you write? What is your passion? Art? Photography? Check out my great GLBT list on the blog. You need to do something. I feel it!
would you fall in love with the same sex?
Replied on: 12:13am 09-13-2009
Yes, of course if it comes naturally.
I'm gay... so of course I do.

Would you?
what do you feel if you see a lovers in same sex?
Replied on: 12:14am 09-13-2009
I feel like I am looking at my extended family.
Hi Brian!

I was wondering if you know any glbt organization that I can join to meet new friends and all. I used to do that in America, joining tons of GLBT organizations to meet new friends and really help for whatever cause they're fighting for whether equality rights and/or HIV awareness. Hope you can help me...

Best of all,
Replied on: 12:15am 09-13-2009
Where are you Jake?
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Number of pages: 12
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